Air horn wiring diagram installation instructions

IMPORTANT: when testing the horns, if compressor motor turns on but the horn does not sound, reverse the wires connected at the bottom of the compressor. For a vehicle with a (1) wire system: If

vehicle’s factory horn has two (1) terminal, simply transfer wire to the compressor’s positive (+) terminal on bottom of compressor. Products. Vehicle Specific Systems. Bolt-On Air Horn Systems for Ford; Bolt-On Air Horn Systems for GM; Bolt On Air Horn Systems For Jeep; Bolt On Air Horn Systems For RAM This wiring kit also provides a more direct power source to the com- pressor and insures you have

the loudest horn in the motorcycle industry. Warning: Horn must be protected by a 25A fuse. Failure to do so may result in dam- age, injury and void Warranty. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR HORN KITS. ECR 5594 Rev E Filename: H15296.doc SOLENOID CLEANING PROCEDURE. 1. Drain all air from tank. (Compressor to be turned OFF to prevent it from running due to pressure drops in the air tank). 2. Using 1/2" wrench, disconnect horn air line from solenoid by loosening 1/2" compression nut. Downloading Kleinn Ringtones for iPhone. Right-Click the link for the ring tone you would like to download. Open iTunes on your computer. From the main menu select “File” then “Add File to

Library”. Find the new file in your iTunes library. Right-click or ctrl … Connect the other end of each 4” air hose to the three-prong tee fitting. Install the horn support bracket (optional). 1) Open up the larger of the two clamp rings and place it around the neck of the trumpet. 2) Open up the smaller of the two clamp rings and place it around the neck of the longer trumpet. Connect one

air horn solenoid wire to Ground or Positive 12 Volts (i.e.- the opposite polarity of is switched into the other wire) Connect the other air horn solenoid wire a)Directly to the factory horn wire (air horns sound with factory horn) or b)To a normally-open (NO) momentary contact switch rated at least 5 Amps (not included), and configure Installing Air Compressor. Disconnect battery cable from vehicle. Place air compressor in a secure area up right or horizontally. Install air compressor assembly. Mount air compressor where it will be exposed to air flow. Mount air compressor upright or horizontally (DO NOT mount upside down) Air horns, wiring is confusing! I tried the with the grounding/earths for the relay and compressor to the -ve terminal on the battery, and the

"30 from the relay" wire and one side of the switch (unfused, what should be the +ve) to the +ve terminal on the battery and it …

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